Common Ways To Deal With Painful Swollen Feet

Painful Swollen FeetAfter prolonged periods of walking or standing, people may develop painful swollen feet. Pregnant women commonly experience swelling in the foot and ankle area. When weather is hot and humid, feet may swell due to the temperature. Diabetics commonly experience swollen feet and should seek the advice of a physician before trying any of the approaches mentioned below.

If the painful swollen feet symptoms are not due to a serious medical condition, they can often be treated with a foot soak that relaxes muscles, increases circulation, and softens skin. Over the counter foot soaks can be purchased from a pharmacy or discount store. People can also make their own basic foot soak by combining a half-cup of Epsom salt or sea salt with warm water in a large tub. Once the salt dissolves, they should soak their feet in the water until they experience relief.

Relief For Painful Swollen Feet

Salt is good for feet that are tired, aching, or swollen. A salt and water solution is considered hypertonic, meaning that it soaks up excess water, draining it from the feet, thereby reducing the swelling. Peppermint essential oil rejuvenates tired feet. Adding a few drops to a tub of warm water and soaking the feet in this will make them feel invigorated. One drop of lemon and eucalyptus essential oils can be added to make this foot soak even more effective.

Lavender essential oil smells great and relaxes feet that are inflamed and aching. After boiling water and allowing it to cool, add two drops of lavender essential oil and ¼ cup of Epsom salt or sea salt. Once the salt has dissolved, immerse feet in the water and feel the relaxation. This treatment can be followed with a foot lotion that softens skin and provides additional soothing for those painful swollen feet.

Feet that are particularly painful may not experience relief until an anti-inflammatory medication is taken. This treatment can be very effective for people suffering from arthritis, which is a disease of the joints. Some people experience painful swelling following a strain or sprain. If an injury of the ankle or foot is suspected, medical attention is recommended.

When treating painful swollen feet with a relaxing foot soak, pat feet dry rather than rubbing them. A pair of soft socks or herbal booties can make feet feel even better. Some booties can be heated in the microwave before being placed on the feet, providing a warm and soothing treatment to feet that are swollen and sore.